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How to hire over 50 great people in 10 Weeks!


As some of you know I recently set up, and kick started, the talent acquisition program for one of the most publicized start-ups in Santa Monica, CA. During my 10 weeks with the client I implemented a new applicant tracking system (ATS), organized the job requisition and on-boarding process, developed the hiring process and SLA’s for all verticals, implemented a paid internship program, and hired over 50 regular full-time employees and consultants in all skill areas...without any team, staff support or budget.

So how was it done? Super powers, divine help, dumb luck? Perhaps a bit of one, but I give most of the credit to one critical tool; JobScore ATS. Yes, I said JobScore. Let me explain...


Guard Your Culture, Part 2


The ability of leadership to deal with the truth is one of the most difficult subjects to write about for a variety of reasons. But since a leadership team that cannot deal honestly with the issues of the day will inevitably kill a company faster than changing the Google search algorithm. And the fact that this topic might hit close to home for some that read this blog…makes it a bit unnerving. But let’s not let that little truth take the edge off this discussion.


Guard Your Culture, Part 1


There are many water cooler theories as to what makes for a healthy company culture. If you ever have had occasion to look behind the curtain of a company and listen to the unedited conversations of employees, you'll quickly glimpse the true state of affairs in Oz.