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Is your Recruiter keeping your identity safe?


In a recent blog, the owner of a Los Angeles search firm drew attention to the fact that he was starting to receive spam marketing emails via LinkedIn from a competitor. While this is hardly a new development it does serve as a reminder that staffing companies, search agencies, and executive search firms all posses tremendous amounts of confidential information on their candidates. In the past I’ve heard of firms selling data to marketing firms, financial services companies, and even credit agencies. Now I want to be perfectly clear here that these activities are extremely rare. Most firms in the recruitment industry would never entertain such practices. But given the nature of the economy, some firms are “exploring” alternative means of revenue.

Now this may mean that your firm might start to engage in something as benign as aggressive email marketing to their candidates. But it may also mean that your email, or other personal information, might go up for sale. So how do you protect yourself? Simple; Talk to your recruiter.

Most firms that take privacy seriously will have a stated privacy policy on their website. If for some reason they don’t feel free to exercise some suspicion and contact your recruiter directly to inquire. They should be able to send you their policy by fax or electronic document. In other instances, if you registered as a temporary contractor, they might direct you to a section on your paperwork that explains their policy. But if the firm/recruiter balks at producing their privacy policy...........walk away from them and demand that they delete your information from their system.

It takes little effort for any firm to formulate and execute a privacy policy. Not doing so in this age of rampant identity theft and email spamming is irresponsible to say the least.

Cheers, R-A-L