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How to hire over 50 great people in 10 Weeks!


As some of you know I recently set up, and kick started, the talent acquisition program for one of the most publicized start-ups in Santa Monica, CA. During my 10 weeks with the client I implemented a new applicant tracking system (ATS), organized the job requisition and on-boarding process, developed the hiring process and SLA’s for all verticals, implemented a paid internship program, and hired over 50 regular full-time employees and consultants in all skill areas...without any team, staff support or budget.

So how was it done? Super powers, divine help, dumb luck? Perhaps a bit of one, but I give most of the credit to one critical tool; JobScore ATS. Yes, I said JobScore. Let me explain...

When I first agreed to this undertaking I knew that there would be only one chance to implement a system and process that would be nimble enough for a start-up, yet robust enough to do the job well in five years from now. Since the foundational process would scale as the needs of the business (and palette of leadership) dictated. Logically the ATS system had to be flexible enough to do the same. To make things even more interesting everything had to be rolled out and 100% live within the first 5 days.

So what made me select JobScore? Before I answer let me ask you a question. Would you buy a car made by people that had never driven a car? Would you fly in a plane flown by someone that wasn’t a pilot? No and no I’m guessing. Now apply that reason to selecting an ATS. Bingo!

Yes, JobScore is the
only ATS on the market that is designed, built and being constantly improved by recruiters. And knowing this fact made my decision easy on all counts. Because as recruiters, the team at JobScore makes certain that all of the leading edge tools are present to make our lives as talent acquisition experts a little easier.

So how did JobScore ultimately aid my recruitment efforts? I could go on telling you for hundreds of more paragraphs but I’d rather answer with another question. Do you have a tool that would allow you to manage over 60 job openings with over 12 hiring managers, manage a pool of intern and a pool of contractors, review over 250 resumes a day, conduct searches nationwide, and hire over 50 people within a sound process?

Http://, do everyone a favor at your company and check it out. I’ve worked on almost every ATS in the market today and none come close to JobScore. Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE TO TRY?!?

To quote Stan Lee; “Nuf said!”

Cheers, R-A-L