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Be Kind To Your Recruiter


I've been mulling over what I'm about to say for some time. But after hearing (and experiencing) some things over the past few months I've decided to tread where few of recruiter have openly tread before. So here it is folks:

The RECRUITER-AT-LARGE Top 5 Reasons To Be Kind To Your Recruiter

1. Recruiters talk to everyone in your industry and even when dealing with the most professional recruiters and/or firms, bad behavior by a candidate or a client company will get around.

2. There is a very good chance that you will need the recruiter some day for something minor (like a key LinkedIn introduction) all the way to something important (like a great job).

3. Recruiter work for the most part on the assumption of good faith. It doesn't matter if the recruiter is from an agency or in-house, both require good faith from candidates and clients to get their job done. Returning bad faith for good faith is like holding up a sign to the universe saying; “I WANT BAD KARMA.”

4. Recruiters always get asked about people an companies within the industry in which they specialize. You would be surprised how quickly doors can open or close based upon the opinion of a respected recruiter. We get asked because we hear about everything that goes on within an industry and tend to know where all of the skeletons are buried.

5. Recruiter have memories like elephants. (I'll let you ponder that one on your own.)

Let me be clear here, I’m not directing this at everyone. Most people don’t need this kind of admonishmnet because it’s common sense. If a recruiter deals with 10,000 different candidates and hiring managers in a year, only 2 or 3 will ever try something unprofessional. And to be candid in this economy it's a bit expected.

But here is the point I want to make.
A good recruiter can transform your career or make your company a success by making a great fit between position, company & candidate. We live to create these “win-win-win” situations, and if it was in our power it would happen with every candidate and company. But since none of us were issued magic wands like Harry Potter we simply do the best job possible.

So play nice with us and remember we're here to help and we want to help.

Cheers, R-A-L